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Kraal Manure

Rich Kraal ManureGardenPride supplies a really good Kraal Manure. Initially when GardenPride started out 15 years ago we only supplied Kraal Manure, or more simpler Cow Manure.

Today, GardenPride still delivers high quality Kraal (Cow) Manure and the rich, cow digested and enzyme processed product, is ideal for gardens that need a strong boost, as well as enriching bad soils,

Sprinkle Kraal Manure over grass and mix in with soil for garden flower beds - you can only give your garden the best!

Be careful though, too much Kraal Manure can burn your grass and also direct application on flower beds without mixing a little can do more damage than good.

Please give us a call if you need any advice - we will gladly help.
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